I am very proud to say the new punk-rock-comedy-hour This is Distorted premiered at this year’s Rock Can Roll Music and Media Festival.

This is Distorted is a multi-media performance by Liz Solo, Sherri Levesque, Steve Abbott, Glenn Tizzard, Mike Kean and Anthony Brenton. The two night run took took place September 25 and 26th, 2009 live at Distortion. Photographer Jai Me – who also acted as volunteer projectionist for the two live performances – snapped some great pics from the booth.

At the beginning of the show, feeling insecure about being in front of so many people, the troupe covered the audience in sheets. We gave them flashlights and asked them to document what happened underneath the sheet with cell phone cameras.

Here Liz Solo, Steve Abbott, Sherri Levesque and Newf, the baby harp seal, work on a scene from “The Great Newfoundland Play”.

Newf, the baby harp seal, delivers his premiere stand-up performance, commenting on the clubbing scene in the city, and, among other subjects, his conspiracy theory that the weed shortage on George Street is directly related to Danny Williams’ hoarding problem.

Sherri delivering an hilarious stand-up routine on the trials of being single and her unconventional solutions.

Liz, Steve and Mike rocking out at the end with “Evil Drunks” by Dogmeat BBQ while Sherri rocks out with hula hoop.