Where to Buy “Edge: Three Short Stories” by JE Solo

It’s dark. Very dark.

“Edge: Three Short Stories” is available from the Author via these outlets:
Buy “Edge – Three Short Stories” on Payhip (PDF and EPUB)
Buy “Edge – Three Short Stories” on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback)

If you would like to buy a PDF, EPUB or MOBI copy directly from the Author, email whoisliz@protonmail.com

GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback, PDF and EPUB
DIMENSIONS: 8.25 X 8.25
RELEASE DATE: 21/03/2022
ISBN: Print Book: 978-1-7781257-0-6; E-Pub: 978-1-7781257-1-3; Kindle: 978-1-7781257-2-0

More about Edge: Three Short Stories

“Hysteria: A SuperHero Origin Story” – a woman scours the city in search of estrogen patches…
“Last Words” – a woman has only one hundred words left to speak…
“Nana” – a family takes Nana out for a Sunday drive…
Three short, illustrated stories by JE Solo.

Where to Buy “PHREAK” by JE Solo

JE Solo’s debut novel, Phreak, is available via House of Zolo as a Paperback, EPUB, Kindle and PDF. Visit House of Zolo to purchase and to find out more.

Ask for Phreak at your local library or favourite bookstore.

GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback, Kindle, PDF, EPUB
DIMENSIONS: 5.06 X 7.81 inches
PAGES: 178
RELEASE DATE: 01/05/2020
ISBN: Print Book: 978-1-989587-00-3

More About Phreak

In an alternate, near-future world where corrupt government and corporate interests rule the smallest details of Island life, an unusually sensitive child is born. Navigating a landscape of ecological devastation and botched genetic modification experiments, the child’s survival depends upon their heightened senses and the skills they learn at the knee of their life-hacking father. Will it be enough? As they cross the threshold of adulthood the collapse of Island society draws close and they must act in order to protect what they love.

A richly detailed and compelling first novel, Solo deftly layers satire and social commentary to create a powerful story of resilience and survival.

JE Solo is an award-winning writer, multi-disciplinary performance and media artist, and musician. JE is the recipient of the Media Arts Prize and the Dramatic Script Prize from the NL Arts and Letters Awards; the Linda Joy Award from the Atlantic Film Festival; and the East Coast Music Association’s Stompin’ Tom Connors Award.

JE’s articles and essays have been published by the Newfoundland Quarterly, TOFU Magazine, Reverb Magazine, Canadian Theatre Review, and Switch Magazine, among others. JE’s performances and media art works have been presented around the world including at ISEA, File Electronic Language International Festival, Court Critiques, Festival of New Dance, and the 7a*11d Performance Art Festival.

Phreak is JE’s first novel and was short-listed for the Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2017 Fresh Fish Award.