JE Solo is a performance artist, writer, and composer who works independently and as part of collectives and partnerships to produce works that merge the live performance stage with media including virtual (online, game) environments. Their performances often span multiple venues and online platforms.

Liz Solo is co-founder and member of the Black Bag Media Collective the current curator/manager of the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulators. She is a musician and composer, known best for their work as a solo recording artist and with The Sauce (2013 – present), TrixXxie (2013 – 2017), Lizband (1993 – 2013 ), The Black Bags (2002 – 2013),  Live Girls (2,000 – 2002) and Red Scare (1987-1991). They are co-founder and current active member of the Roles 4 Womxn collective.

Their performances, videos and online events continue to be screened and presented around the world. Recent live performance and video work has been seen at: 7a*md8 International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto; IOTA Institute, Halifax; Women From the Future, Factory Theatre, Toronto; ISEA Istanbul; FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo; The Big Screen Project, Times Square NYC; Inhuman Resources (co-exhibit with Mez Breeze), Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Kelowna BC. Festival of New Dance, St..John’s.

image above from “Dance Me”, Festival of New Dance 2013. Photo by Jared Reid..

Image at the top from “Virtually Yours”, Artscape, Toronto, 2016. Photo by Mike Kean.