The Second Front Performance Art Collective have just released our second DVD of machinima from our latest performance work. We celebrated with a performance at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

Pictured above – Lizsolo inside the Crypt as Tut’s Mummy Zombie with Fau Ferdinand and Tran Spire also as mummies. The next picture is lizsolo as Tron, Guardian of the Crypt. Images taken in performance on Friday October 9, 2009. THE CRYPT was performed simultaneously live at the Eyebeam Center in NY, New York and at the Eyebeam sim in Second Life as part of Eyebeam’s Second Life Performance Night.

Explorers discovered the crypt deep inside of Second Life – a crypt filled with artifacts! As Tron it was my role to protect the sacred treasures from plunder. After a fierce battle with Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and other explorers I/Tron was defeated.

Pictured below – Man Michinaga as Tomb Raider taking over the crypt and Bibbe Oh as a Zombified explorer.

After the performance we met up on the roof of the temple to dance and to celebrate the release of our second DVD – Avvie Road. Find out more on the Second Front Homepage.