Here’s Edge: Three Short Stories, my first solo book release!

After the launch of my debut novel, Phreak (House of Zolo, 2020), I’ve been working on creating writing that is super short and accessible. I continue to learn from the great writers and editors around me, and lately have been exploring ways to get right to the heart things, fast.

I’m also diving further into magic realism, which shows itself in the first story of the collection – “Hysteria: A Superhero Origin Story”, about a woman scouring the city in search of estrogen patches. I follow that up with a more down to earth story, “Last Words”, about a woman who has only one hundred words left to speak. The third story, “Nana”, is probably the darkest of the three – a family takes Nana out for a Sunday drive.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with the very talented editor, Erika Steeves, who makes my work so much better. Erika has also done the layout for the interior of the book, and it looks gorgeous. It’s so important for a writer to have access to a smart editor, someone they can trust, and I am very blessed in this way.

Find out how to get your copy of Edge: Three Short Stories here.