These videos document my most recent installation and performance, under world. The piece features Artificially Intelligent NPCs (Non Player Characters) – twin cyber whales who live in a virtual world in the online platform of NEOS VR. These underwater creatures compose their own unique songs in real time based on their interpretations of one of my original compositions. under world is part of the BBMC’s Meta Creation in NEOS VR project.

Meta Creation in NEOS VR is the latest project from the BBMC, led by the artists JE (Liz) Solo and Dr. Jeremy Turner. JE and Jeremy are  experimenting with the capabilities of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in the social VR world of NEOS. The artists are creating NPCs that have the ability to create in their own right – essentially becoming autonomous virtual artists. JE and Jeremy have been collaborating with programmers and are nearly finished with the development and implementation of their experimental NPCs. They are currently finalizing their VR installations for an upcoming in-world exhibition.

under world by JE Solo
JE (Liz) Solo has created two Non-Player Characters (NPCs) who exist as ghosts haunting the metaverse of NEOS VR. Solo’s metacreator NPCs respond to users by playing original compositions that are influenced by movement and sound in the space. JE’s NPCs are connected to MASOM AI meta-composition software, which interprets JE’s original compositions through audio forms from the natural world, (whale song in particular). When the haunted VR environment spawns, the virtual ghost entities approach and interact with users while composing original sound in real time. These NPCs live perpetually inside of their immersive VR environment.

Meta creation in NEOs VR has been made possible thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada

under world  CREDITS
JE Solo (psychic radio) – AI Character Creator/Composer/Meta-Composer/Sim Builder
Mike Kean – Additional Audio creation; sound engineering
Dr. Kivanç Tatar (Turing Touch) – AI Meta-Composition Software Creator
Lucas Rosetti (Lucasro7) – NEOS LogiX Programmer
Tomas Mariancik (Frooxius) – NEOS CTO, Co-Creator
Karel Hulec (Karel) – NEOS CEO, Co-Creator
Special thanks to Koffee, NEOS