saucepinhole2The Sauce released our EP last month to much critical acclaim – especially from Bobs! Here is a link to the place where you can download the recording The Sauce Recording. this recording was a co-production of The Black Bag Media Collective and Baygirl Music. You can order hard copies online via Fred’s Records.

FRONTSauceCover“The Sauce is the shit!” Bob Wiseman, Musician, Canadian Independent Artist and Producer

“Colleen and Liz exorcise a few demons with some Newfoundland Punkabilly. It’s not a good time to be a jerk, an ex who’s a jerk, or an ex mother-in-law who’s a jerk. They shouldn’t even try to defend themselves, this is a slap down, verbally and musically. Cathartic and exhilarating, the guitars are almost as raw as the lyrics. Then, Great Big Sea and Shanneyganock get abducted and probed by aliens, which is the comic relief. Goodness.” – Bob Mersereau, Music journalist and author of The Top 100 Canadian Albums

“The Sauce combine slightly angry, catchy tunes with witty, biting lyrics that make you feel just a little bit guilty for something you’re not quite sure of.” – Bob Earle, CHMR Program Director

Some Press:
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Our next live show is November 15th at Nautical Nellies. Here’s a poster from our last show.