I just received the documentation photos and video from of my performance “Dance me” (aka Submerged) from the latest Festival of New Dance. I am so happy with the way they came out! Thank you to Jared Reid, the photographer, and Neighbourhood Dance Works for providing artists with such excellent documentation! A selection of photos from the series are right below this awesome piece written by George Stamos for the Dance Current.

“St. John’s Liz Solo’s performance of Dance Me was a definite highlight of the festival. Solo creates vivid illusions with props and video images projected across the floor and onto the wall. Comforting a baby while she walks through the galaxy, becoming a giant on a small island with waves washing her feet and a fairy frolicking in the brush are a few of the splendid images she creates. Her use of video and simple props is extraordinarily sophisticated and well calculated. Solo is a master of the physical gesture, projecting them in space and responding to their echo with sensitive timing. The variations of her tactile interactions with props harmonize well with the elaborate video environments projected around her. Solo takes on the qualities of light and magically transforms the space entirely.” – George Stamos from The Dance Current


Made possible thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section and the Black Bag Media Collective.