Here is a set of photos of Humming Pera/Tina Pearson, Maxxo Klaar, Frieda Korda and I setting up on Odyssey for the upcoming Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performance at this year’s Sound Symposium. The performance is a hybrid-reality concert that bridged the gap between real and the virtual space. The performance features original Avatar Orchestra compositions, including a brand new piece by Tina Pearson and I – “In This Far Now (A Cyber Song of Longing)”Tina is travelling from Victoria, B.C. to present workshops and performances.

The public will be invited to attend a workshop on the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in the hours leading up to our Sound Symposium performance.
Sound Symposium Event Details: 
Workshop with Liz Solo, Tina Pearson and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse – a workshop in virtual reality sound. Saturday July 14, 1 PM NST, LSPU Hall, St. John’s, NL.
AOM Hybrid Concert Performance – Saturday, July 14th, 3:30 PM NST, LSPU Hall, St. John’s NL
For more on this and other Sound Symposium events please visit their site : Sound Symposium Home
Tina and I have been collaborating via the Internet for five years and I am stoked to work INRL for the first time. Following the Sound Symposium, Tina Pearson will be the Artist in Residence at the Black Bag Media Collective studio July 16 to 21, resulting in an inter-disciplinary performance of “TheTechno Dream and Nightmare Choir

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