Here are some images I created for a group show curated last summer by the amazing Jo Cook. The show took place at Lucky’s Gallery in Vancouver. These images document the many divination techniques I used in virtual space in efforts to make contact with the dead. The video piece below, “neila ni” was also a part of this show.

The work from the show has been published in an artist’s book – here is the description from the publisher’s page at Perro Verlag – Books by Artists

“Documents of Psychic Amateurs is the first volume in a quarterly publication dedicated to the dissemination of research by both faculty and students at the Institute for the Science of Identity. Volume 1 no.1, 2008, is 58 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound with 24 full colour pages and 34 black and white pages printed on various coloured papers. The first issue represents the work of 20 artists: Aby W. Blake, Mark Connery, Jo Cook, Mily Goodden, Claudine Hubert, Sally Ireland, Doug Jarvis, Malena Kirlianova, Chris Lloyd, Ross Angus Macaulay, Billy Mavreas, Michael McCormack, Tammy McGrath, Wesley Mulvin, Florentine Perro, Sally Rees, Liz Solo, Julie Voyce, Matt Warren and Frances Zorn. Published on the ocassion of the exhibition, International Psychic Amateurs Work/Study (iPAWS) at Lucky’s Gallery in Vancouver, Canada. Printed in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies. Perro Verlag, Vancouver.”


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