87f84-bbmcaom_005I have been having a great time working with the online orchestra – Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. Members participate from all over North America, Europe and beyond. We perform frequently – compositions created by members of the collective. We play the compositions on virtual instruments also designed by artists of the collective. I have been working on my first instrument – The Birth HUD – part of my general exploration of the virtual body. I hope to play the Birth HUD in a new piece with AOM this month – will post details.

Instruments in SL are generally HUDs (Heads Up Device) that can be programmed to play sounds, generate particles or and/or animate your avatar. Many of our performances also involve merging Real Life players with virtual players – what we sometimes like to call “hybrid-reality” performance. Here is an early machinima I made of AOM giving a concert at U21 Global in Second Life.
[vimeo 8480311 w=500 h=334]

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse: PwRHm excerpts from Tina Pearson on Vimeo.