She, Robot is a one woman, one act, theatre performance piece about a washed up Robot Comedienne searching for meaning in a world that is on the brink of collapse. Darkly comic, yet sweet at the same time, She Robot is sci-fi adventure highlighting Liz Solo’s prowess as a performer, writer and vocalist.

“Picture a stand-up set by a female robot comedienne who has come to Earth to perform for a sea of “soft skins,” a.k.a. humans. It’s fresh, poignant and surprisingly entertaining. Solo’s positivity is contagious, she’s like a robotic Pollyanna with a hint of impending doom behind her eyes. Her eerie cheerfulness lends for some memorable moments. I also became oddly attached to her seal robot companion which seems to have a life all its own. This performance is unforgettable; she has you in the palm of her hand the entire time and takes you on an intergalactic journey that’s both exciting and unexpected…. I will never forget the sheer wonderment I experienced, delivered by a robot comedienne and her seal puppet companion.” Jennifer Echin, Mooney on Theatre

She, Robot was commissioned and first presented by Roles 4 Women in June of 2018 as part of the Women From The Future project.