207ac-melanie08_smallthe machine is a multi-media piece that merges film, video and machinima to create a post apocalyptic fairy tale set in St. John’s, Newfoundland.The script is winner of the Newfoundland Joy Award and the Dramatic script Prize at the Arts and Letters.Competition.

In a ruined Newfoundland city where art has been outlawed one lone hacker SOLO (Liz Solo) attempts to preserve what remains. When another survivor THE CLOWN (Melanie Caines) breaches Solo’s security perimeter seeking refuge, Solo is forced to reassess her priorities. As dark forces close in and their situation becomes more and more desperate the two form an unlikely bond.

the machine previewed in 2016 at the Sci-Fi on the Rock Convention, Sheraton Hotel, St. John’s, NL. and was officially released on June 24, 2016 at a special screening during TrixXxieFest at the LSPU Hall, St. John’s.

Produced by Liz Solo, the Black Bag Media Collective and Roles 4 Women. Starring Liz Solo and Melanie Caines with Lutius Elijah Whalen, Jeannie Harris and Zoe Elizabeth Howard; Directed by Liz Solo.

Made with the support of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, The Newfoundland Film Development Corporation, and resources and sponsorship made possible by the Newfoundland Joy Award including NIFCO, Atlantic Studio Cooperative, KODAK, John Doyle and the CBC.

Photos by Justin Hall, and Rhonda Pelley; Screengrabs by JE Solo.