the stream is haunted…

Liz Solo’s latest art work, hybrid:fusion, is a layered performance designed for the small screen. hybrid:fusion is presented using live performance and live streaming and is deliverable to multiple online platforms simultaneously.

hybrid:fusion uses the body as a landscape and, through cell phone cameras, data projection and green-screening, streams living images to the Internet. These images explore the surreal dreamscape of the central character as she reforms her identity by reconstructing haunting remnants from her past. The course of the story can be influenced by the input of viewers via chat.

Described by audiences as both “mesmerisingly beautiful” and “terrifying”, hybrid:fusion is an innovative exploration of storytelling for the modern age,

hybrid:fusion was created with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Black Bag Media Collective.

hybrid:fusion One Page

hybrid:fusion Technical Requirements

hybrid:fusion was first presented in Toronto in the summer of 2018 as a series of open studio performances.

Photos by N.C. Andersen