The Asteroid is a new performance piece examining themes and ideas around the relationship between technology, isolation and desire. The Asteroid saw its first presentation in December at Trinity Square Video in Toronto. This was part of a live streamed performance art event curated and presented by 7a*md8, aka the Toronto Performance Art Collective . It was an honour to be invited and presented in such fine company.

The full program of artists included:in 7a*md8 Streamed event: Maryse Arseneault (NB), Ali Asgar (Bangladesh/USA), Ivanie Aubin-Malo (QC), Jef Carnay (Philippines), ee portal [Elyse & Emilio Portal] (ON), Maggie Flynn (AB), Romi Kim (Canada/Korea), Russell Louder (PEI), Freya Björg Olafson (MB), Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (Cuba),Camila Salcedo (NS),Selma Selman (Bosnia and Herzegovina/USA), Liz Solo (NL)

The piece continues to evolve and I’ll be presenting the next version of The Asteroid on January 28, 2018, this time live streamed to the Corporealidades Poshumanas in Salvador Brazil. I’ll be streaming live from the Odyssey Simulator in Second Life. Thank you to Isabel Valverde, creator of the dance/performance art collaboration Senses Places, for the invitation.

Here is a link to Documentation by 7a*md8 of The Asteroid.

Here is a link to Documentation of the entire streamed event