VR Forward

VR Forward is a new research project that investigates workflows and processes for creating performance inside of new Virtual Reality worlds. Currently the project is looking at multiple platforms as starting points, including High Fidelity, VR Chat, AltSpaceVR, and Sansar.

VR Forward will involve consultants and arts practitioners in an exploration of these new spaces, looking for methods to present live performance to the VR community but also seeking ways to bring live events back into the performance space, the web and social media.

Lately I have been following the work of US artist and developer Godfrey Meyer and other artists who are using VR Chat as a presentation platform. I’m pretty stoked that Godfrey is open to showing me around.

Below are a few shots from recent events in VR Chat, hosted by Godfrey Meyer.

Stay tuned to this page for more documentation of early experiments.