InWorld is a one-woman, multi-media performance piece about a recluse gamer. Once a stand up comedienne, Lucy has given up “the life” and taken to gaming full time. She lives alone with her puppets (a foul mouthed baby harp seal and an alcoholic bra) and spends her days reliving old comedy routines and leveling her Frost Mage.  When her online lover goes missing in real life wartime she embarks on a search of the metaverse and faces a dark truth about our changing world. Merging large-scale projection with live action, video and sound, InWorld is a multi-dimensional exploration of online media culture.


Created by and Starring Liz Solo. Directed by Charlie Tomlinson. Featuring online appearances by members of The Third Faction, Odyssey and The Second Front and puppet appearances by Newf the Baby Harp Seal and Pinky the Bra.

One-act comedy/drama. Mature themes and language. 45 minutes. Poster for St. John’s performance by Jimmy Rose.

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